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Comercial Law

+ registration of companies, changes and restructuring, public tenders, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, liquidations
+  realignment of the capital structure, financing
+ legal counsel to companies for fax and fiscality issues, as well as review of all company documents and records and contracts concluded by the company to establish whether they comply with Romanian law and to determine the risks and the return o f investments, as well as of any other administrative documents
+ various commercial agreements and assistance for the duration of the contracts’ performance
+ participation in negotiations and settlement of  disagreements
+  international arbitration and meditation
+ representation in proceedings authorized by the Competition Council
+ evaluation of proposed transactions against competition regulations, regulations banning restrictive practices, misuse of power and position on the market, dumping prices ,monopoly, etc
+  disputes

The “Marius Marasescu” law firm has a long experience in this field and is able to provide detailed and comprehensive counseling.


Taking into consideration commercial profitability, the range of our services in this direction is very wide and includes ,among others, the following fields of interest.