Counterventional law

General aspects

Contraventional liability occurs when an offense is committed, through action or inaction, what are the administrative deviations that the law and other normative acts adopted by the bodies of the executive power I call them contraventions.

Simply contesting the offense report by introducing a court action or simply supporting of the person that the disputed minutes do not correspond to the reality or is non-intimate does not lead to the admission of such action as long as the petitioner does not administer evidence in this respect, even if the probative force of the disputed administrative act is relative, the overthrow of the presumption of truth falling the offender's pregnancy.

The activities we have experience in this field

  • legal advice in lawsuits
  • drafting and sustaining a contravention complaint;
  • legal assistance in lawsuits
  • legal representation in lawsuits
  • any other contravention activities

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