Criminal law

General aspects

The right to defense, a fundamental principle of the criminal law provided for in the Constitution, is guaranteed to the accused, the defendant, as well as to the other parties throughout the criminal proceedings. Together with a criminal lawyer, you are certain that the research bodies will ensure full exercise of procedural rights to administer the necessary evidence in defense.

The legal assistance that we offer you also targets criminal files in the appeal or appeal phase, as well as in extraordinary ways of attack. We can also appeal to the criminal prosecution (indictment) in the preliminary camera procedure or appeal to the judge of rights and freedoms in the case of preventive measures (in the case of arrested persons).

The activities we have experience in this field

  • assisting and / or representing offenders, defendants, defendants both in the criminal investigation phase and in the trial phase in all jurisdictions
  • Judicial and legal rehabilitation
  • Drafting criminal complaints, making civil claims in criminal proceedings
  • Assistance and / or representation of the civil party, the injured party, the civilian responsible person, both natural and legal persons in the criminal proceedings, in all jurisdictions

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