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Avocat Marasescu si Asociatii

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Family law


sharing common goods

custody of minors

recognition of paternity

ensuring payment of contributions

Counterventional law

legal advice

legal assistance

representation in contraventional proceedings

Criminal law

assisting and / or representing the agents

drafting of criminal complaints

assisting and / or representing the civilian party

Litigation with professionals

company registration

capital restructuring

participation in negotiations

international arbitration

transaction valuation


What we are proud of?

Our qualities

Empathy for our clients

Empathy means putting you in the other's skin. Empathy means giving some attenuating circumstances. Empathy means to realize that everyone has his story. Empathy helps us listen to more and offer fewer tips. It helps us to strive to be more understanding and to keep ourselves from judging.

Empathy for our clients

Attention to details

As it is good sometimes to think twice before you act, maybe you catch up and take a second look at what's around you. Things are not always what they seem at first sight, and the details can completely change a simple situation.

Attention to details

We are looking for efficiency

Competencies that ensure our efficiency:
- Output orientation
- Communication skills
- Focus on the customer
- Problem solving

We are looking for efficiency


With sustained effort, earnestness, discipline and self-control, the wise man sets out an island that no flood will ever sink.


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